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From childhood I have had a strong desire to observe and contemplate birds.  Birds in flight,birds on the ground, birds in flocks, displaying and singing.  I can only say that being in their presence I felt that I was part of their spirit.”


Born in Peru, Oswaldo has lived in Great Britain since 1968.  A British subject he embraced his new country with energy and enthusiasm.  From the outset he was delighted to discover the love and respect that the British people held for wildlife and this was of great encouragement for him to pursue his passion for the creation of sculpture.


Oswaldo has lived on the Norfolk coast for the past 50 years.  Completely self taught in technique and design, his main sculptural subject is birds.  Long periods of time go into the research and study of each new project ensuring that each piece is a skilfully crafted work of art cast mainly in bronze.  


Oswaldo has been a permanent exhibitor for over 20 years at the internationally re-knowned Rutland Water Bird Fair and also exhibited at The Society of Wildlife Artists Mall Galleries London, The Royal Show, The Royal Highland Show, Malcolm Innes Gallery London, Art in Action Oxford, C.L.A Game Fair, Mandell’s Gallery Norwich and is a permanent exhibitor with Birdscapes Gallery in north Norfolk.


His work is highly collected, two well known personalities that have purchased his work being HRH Sophie Countess of Wessex and Bill Oddie.

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