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You are about to view a selection of my sculptures.

If you wish to commission a piece please contact me via email at or phone 07468 598 403. Prices start at a very reasonable £55 and go to £9000.

The sculpture will take me on average 3 weeks to complete and I will notify you when ready.

Welcome to my website, before you is a selection of my sculptures which I hope you will find to your liking. It has been my passion from an early age, to create wildlife sculpture. In a way, it is my desire to pay homage to the beauty that surrounds us, in the natural world. I must confess that birds are my favourite subject. I love their beauty, grace, fragility and, at the same time, strength and perhaps because they are descended from reptiles in the evolution chain. Reptiles are my second favourite subject.

I feel very fortunate to be able to create sculptures on the subjects that I love most. When I start a project I know deep inside what the finished piece should look like. It is like a journey, in which I endeavour and persevere until I am completely satisfied with the result.

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