Welcome to my website ,before you is a selection of my sculptures ,which I hope you will find to your liking .It has been my passion from an early age ,to create wildlife sculpture .In a way it is my desire to pay homage to the beauty,that surrounds us ,in the natural world.I must confess that birds are my favourite subject .I love their beauty,grace,fragility and ,at the same time ,strength and perhaps because they are descended from reptiles in the evolution chain,reptiles are my second favourite subject.

I feel very fortunate to be able to create sculptures on the subjects that I love most.When I start a project I know,deep inside,what the finished piece should look like . It is like a journey,in which,I endeavour and persevere until I am completely satisfied with the result.

The Bronze Collection

At the very core of our human nature, there lies an instinctive need to have a creative passion.


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